Saturday, October 25, 2014

Oliso for Christmas what a deal

I have admired these irons for years but the cost was just not in my bank account. A lot of things are that way for the average family these days. That is one reason I really enjoy shopping with Massdrop

Massdrops description of the Oliso Iron

Pinky and the Brain
You need an iron hot enough for serious quilting needs, but smart enough to cool off when the time is right. If you can add some pink flair to match your playful style, all the better. Providing the speed you need without burning or scorching, the Oliso Pink TG1100 Smart Iron graces your home projects with a crisp finish and ironing board with an aesthetic flourish.

Note: This drop is limited to 100 units.

Here is how it works! I bought one and hope that enough others buy one so we all get the lowest price which is $106.99! Plus some money is donate to breast cancer by Oliso! If you have ever wanted this iron now is the time to buy!

If you have not joined Massdrop it is easy to join and look around.

I get nothing for telling you about Massdrop! There is a code I could try and find but I think the idea that as a group we can bargain for better prices is worth promoting.

Christmas morning this pink iron will be waiting for me under my tree how about yours?

Thank you for reading!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Where have i been

Quilt Market News

I am excited to say
that my Home Town Pouch,
Pattern by Yoko Saito is
going to be in her booth!
My pouch at Market so exciting!

So if you are going "pop" in the Lecien booth
and see pouches take a picture for me!
I have made one of my personal goals
and also did a lot of Experimenting (word of the year)!

Sponsor News

I was saddened to hear that Pink Chalk Fabrics is doing a storewide liquidation of everything but patterns! It is an ending of an era but the beginning of a new chapter in Kathy Mack's life. I know she will do well in whatever she focus' on because she is very smart and creatively talented. But I will miss her and her wonderful staff!

Thank you Pink Chalk Fabric for taking such good care of us at In the Boon Docks!
You have been an wonderful sponsor!

We will need to keep an eye out for new patterns and tutorials at
Pink Chalk Studio

So lets pay them back and help them liquidate.
This an epic sale and you don't want to miss it!
30% off everything but pdf patterns!

I just placed a second order for some printed patterns

This is what came in last week!

Alison Glass Sun Print Corsage
In multiple colors

Hex N More and Sidekick Rulers
These never go on sell anywhere!

Anyone ready to try these out with me?

Health News

I am not telling you about my health issues looking for
sympathy but to inform you of my absences.
I have truly been blessed by wonderful people
in my life and my belief is somewhere out there
someone has it so much worse than me.
Each time in my life I feel sorry for myself
God show me people who need my help more than I need pity!

Lots of you may or may not know I am disabled from an accident 14 years ago, my back, my neck, and my arms are effected by it! I am already chronically ill. Now, to add to my struggles I have Osteoarthritis in my left knee and get to carry a extra 20 lbs brace and started EUFLEXXA injections yesterday! I say this to you so you might understand my absence or gaps in my blogging. Not answering comment emails. I am going no where just adjusting to life! Thank you for understanding!

Thank you for reading and commenting!
It brings me joy to read them!
So please keep them coming!