Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tree Bird Blog Hop Giveaway

Welcome to In The Boon Docks!
Hello Hoppers, I am Lisa and I am happy show you what I made for todays blog hop!
But before I begin I would like to thank Madam Samm,
Sew We Quilt, our truly wonderful Leader and Lana, It Seams To Be Sew, our Head Cheerleader. Madam Samm runs everything, thinking up what hops to do, finds sponsors, promotes and invites us in, keeps us motivated months in advance, and assigns talented cheerleaders. Putting together a blog hop of this size is not easy as it may look! Lana has done a wonderful job organizing the bloggers from all over the world, arranging schedules and pulling us all together. So again, thank you both for without you I wouldn't be here today!

O.K. now I can show you what I created for the Tree Bird Blog Hop!

Using one square of Beautiful Birds panel fabric
I stitched up this cute little pincushion!
Pincushions make such great gifts for anyone who sews!
They are also cheap to ship!

Beautiful Birds is designed by Tracy Lizotte,
for Elizabeth's Studio,
I think it is a gorgeous whimsical collection
with birds and their homes perched in the trees!

I just started garment sewing in the last couple months and
Wanted to make another Spring Bess Tunic by Imagine Gnats
It has finally warmed up here (60 degrees) in
West Virginia the Cardinals are here
eating the dog's food right out of his bowl!
Never can catch them when I
have a camera but trust me they are.
I really love the "Beautiful Birds" designs and
my top came out nice but it still a little chilly
for me and short sleeves! So, in the closet for another month I think!

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At this point I usually do a giveaway!
So today, I will giveaway?

A 1/4 yard of this print with the birdhouses!
(I don't have 18" across left)

and a FQ of the tree fabric!


1/4 yard + FQ

Go to Sew We Quilt and type "XX" in a comment. We all live our lives behind these blogs and once in awhile one of us needs a big hug! Don't tell (I hope she doesn't catch me right away, I really love her though we have never met)! Then come back and leave a comment. Next Sunday I will pick a winner!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting me!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

National Quilt Day

Hello, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Quilting Day!
Sew Happy!

Have a great weekend!
Thank you for stopping by!
Create and be unique!

Take a look at the Tree Top Blog Hop my day is Monday!

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